Tuesday, 6 June 2017


Clear war drums...

Wahabi's finance, Azhar ideology against the Muslim brotherhood head in Turkey, financed by Qatar and supported by the Mullahs, the historical enemy of the Arab/Persian gulf....

Who finance the terror?

They both do!

They simply over all there history can not tolerate any different ideology or lifestyle or believes or even clothes!
When Cohen and Levi lived here, they were there enemies, when they left, they looked for Paul and Jean, when they kicked them out, they turned to Michael and Samuel!

Wherever they could not find Levi or Paul, they turned against Shia...sadly, even where they could not find shia they eated themselves....this is there doctrine, the heart of there existence and believes.

The drums sound in Qatar now as it did in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and all the ME but the politics is played in the States between Trump who for some reason voted for Wahabis against the old guard of Obamas and Clintons supporting the MB.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Greek crisis, a view from the Imitos mountain and not debt's mountain!


Two photos taken from same spot, just literally, few meters away, but most important, instead of looking down, just a step back and with an extended view, little more up and to the horizon...

At the end of the day, our life on earth planet, is just as long as few words in a history book and this economic crisis is just ''un nuage d'ete, bien que colossale, ce n'est qu'un nuage''!!! a summer cloud, it will pass and the beautiful Greek summer will be back, unfortunately, many lives were hurt badly but better days will come and God be with us till it is over.

Happy Easter everyone.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Sleep well

It is amazing that we seem to never give enough attention to an important part of our lives.

In fact, many times when I think how did I get through hard time of my life and all difficulties and trouble that I have been through, I realize that big part of my happiness is thanks to a good nights sleep.

Yes, sleeping! In fact, on average and sure for me, sleeping is 1/3 of our life, amazingly we spend at least a third of our life in bed  and it is sad to think that some due to life pressure they see this third as lets rest a little to continue, continue in what? waste the pleasant third of life to quickly go into the less pleasant time!
Well, I see it, we should get finish with the 2 third to finally go enjoy the pleasant third in bed!
Others with worries, thoughts, or the unfortunate with health issues that can less enjoy a good night sleep with often a bonus of a sweet dream.

Personally, I care much less on the comfort of the pillow or the mattress. Do not misunderstand me, I do not argue there importance and for sure dont mind there comfort, but in reality all it matter for me is peace of mind, this is what is really needed for a good sleep.

I enjoy sleep in train, bus, car, aircraft, at airport, in front of a boring football or movie....my best friend once told me, the only way to keep me awake while using a mean of transport is while ridding a bike!

One of my best sleep, was with a colleague after a long travel to an exhibition, a long day walking around and lot of talk finally come to an end, we both being really exhausted but he seems to be indefatigable, so when I thought it is time to go for rest, he proposed we enter a seminar at the exhibition conference hall.

Being polite and not wanting to make him read my mind, I did agree, though neither I found the subject interesting nor I had the mind to follow.
Life of course punished him and conference was in French and as he was not a Francophone I almost fell on the floor laughing in my mind.

Well, we were really very lucky that we did not get shoot or expelled, we both felt in deep sleep and I sure can claim it was one of the most pleasant sleep, wish I do more of seminar sleeping!

All in all, do good to people, try to never hurt anyone, forget, forgive and always have positive thought it is a guaranteed ticket for a good night sleep, ticket for spending one third of your life happy and probably far better than many whom you think that they do have what you always wanted, you beat them in this third, hell you even beat Bill Gate and Warren Buffet!

If you have not yet fell asleep from my boring words, I guess it is time for me for a good bed time, see you soon.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Souvlaki economy

Before 2008, top investment  in Greece were: Construction, garments, real estate and night life.
Now 90% of 2012  new business are Coffeeshop and Souvlakia!

Simple, the cost of manufacturing in Greece is still higher than most countries in EU not because salaries are higher but Taxes are beyond meaning, in a small business you could more easily bend the law but when you want real investor, manufacturing and business and they try to follow the law, the cost of manpower go beyond sense of investing ''apart of the fact that this is impossible in all case to keep the pace, as laws are non stop changing''

A worker paid 800 Euro in Greece, cost employer 1400 while in Germany  would cost 1200 add to that the higher cost of electricity, Natural Gas, energy, communication, you got a business model that is not viable in an environment were the law and taxes keep changing by the hour, a guarantee formula of failure for whatever effort made by any government.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Lesson in economy from Lala land! ''lefta den iparxoun''!

As we keep hearing this days terms used by economist to describe the current crisis we are living in Greece, I thought in this post to approach one the most famous terms used often that sound very confusing and try to make and in depth analysis why in my opinion it might not work in Greece.

image from undress4success.com

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Friday, 25 March 2011

Can we hope monkey revolts and get up the ladder!

 This time, I cant take the credit of this beautiful story, it was sent to me by email by a friend and it is so meaningful that I decided to make exception and add it to my blog and share it with everyone.
I wish I could give the credit to the unknown person who wrote it.

This story is about an experiment which a group of scientist conducted in order to study the behavior of monkeys in terms of team play.  The setup of the experiment was quite simple.  There where five monkeys kept in a cage, with a ladder kept in the middle of the cage.  A bunch of bananas was kept on top of the ladder!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

New TV for Christmas 2011....2012?

That was it, time to buy new TV set.

I knew we needed new one at home from last summer but the economic crisis psychology never allowed me to make up my mind and decide.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A Saudi delight - True story!

Arriving to Riyadh on a mid summer day, first time in my life I see an ambient temperature of 49 degree but happy to see again my old clients and old friends who happen to live there.

I had to make some demo of our product on a car for my job our partner sales team parked the car just in front of the showroom no single shadow anywhere....

Monday, 27 December 2010

Chewing khat!

Extract from The Time: 
By 4 in the afternoon, most men walking the streets of Sana'a are high, or about to get high — not on any sort of manufactured narcotics, but on khat, a shrub whose young leaves contain a compound with effects similar to those of amphetamines. Khat is popular in many countries of the Arabian peninsula and the Horn of Africa, but in Yemen it's a full-blown national addiction. As much as 90% of men and 1 in 4 women in Yemen are estimated to chew the leaves, storing a wad in one cheek as the khat slowly breaks down into the saliva and enters the bloodstream. The newcomer to Yemen's ancient capital can't miss the spectacle of almost an entire adult population presenting cheeks bulging with cud, leaving behind green confetti of discarded leaves and branches.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Getting into USA!

A few pleasant days in Mexico with R, a colleague and friend for many years, attending an Exhibition.

An amazing experience compared to the Frankfurt version, the show only starts at 14:00 and lasts for a few hours, against the long hours of Frankfurt.

The exhibition went so quickly between the few meetings we had and watching all this dancing on every stand. It is just amazing to see people sitting discussing business and suddenly a stand starts a nice music and you get everyone on their feet dancing for few minutes. The same chap shouting and negotiating prices is simply transformed...beautiful exico.

A pleasant adios night out dining right after the show in a beautiful Mexican restaurant with local music and dance invited by a friend G. More Tequila and he became very emotional:

-Charles, you are my brother! ................No...............more, you are not any more Charles and I am G, you are G and I am Charles!
And as to prove his point, he took out his exhibition badge that we still had on our lapels, put it on me, and took mine for himself... He became Charles and I am G.