Saturday, 19 March 2011

New TV for Christmas 2011....2012?

That was it, time to buy new TV set.

I knew we needed new one at home from last summer but the economic crisis psychology never allowed me to make up my mind and decide.

Yesterday my daughter made the remark that I promised a new one for Christmas and we are almost Easter and still watching our old TV which keep switching off, making following a movie a hard task!

Using the opportunity of my daughter absence today, I decided to surprise her. Left early morning to a big electronic store in Athens, spoting a young salesman with a polite and warm smile asking for advise for a wall mounted TV.
He took me through different models with prices.
I thanked him politely and spent an hour thinking and squeezing my budget from LCD to LED from 26'' to 32'' and gathered my guts and went for a beautiful LED 32''.

- I will go for the 32'' P...... LED, I said.
-Good choice, are you paying cash or by credit, he replied.
-Cash, but I need also the wall mounting base.
-Perfect, he indicated another box,  that will be another 69 Euro.
-Are you sure the base fit the TV? I asked.
-No doubt, this is an ISO base! Easy to mount and fit any TV set, he answered with a smile.

ISO, I told myself, that is nice I always wanted something ISO at home!

Though I went well over my preliminary budget, I am not sure how it happen elsewhere but here we are mediterenean, you have a budget for 100 Euro, you go buy for 200! But just thinking of my daughter happiness when she return home and how her eyes will light up when she will see it connected with the home cinema, it made it sure worth on that moment.

On my way back home, I decided to make a stop on the video club, rented her favorite movie ''STEP UP III'' to make it all worth.

Arriving home, I went immediately to work, measuring, adjusting, mounting the base on the wall, getting it wrong the first time, taking it out putting it right again than I took the TV out to mount the other side of the base.

Hmmmmmmm, something wrong!

An hour later, I was still looking to all the bits and pieces, extensions, all those screw, nuts, instructions, and boxes, all in between my tools and still have not figured out how to fix the part that go on TV!

Although it looks so easy and straight forward procedure, whenever I tried, the base blocked the ''SCART'' TV input and I can’t connect the DVD!

2 hours later, I was totally hopeless, I dismantled the base and put it back on the box and was on my way back to the shop racing against time to sort out the problem before my daughter return.

I looked for the polite and nice salesman who helped me choosing the TV, found him and took a deep breath and said with shame:
-Excuse me, I tried to fix the base but failed, may be you can kindly help, how can I mount it right?

He kindly eaplained with the smile how it should be fixed, but it was exactly the way I did.

So I replied back

-But fixing it like this on my TV it blocks the SCART input?
-hmmmmm, please wait a moment....

He came back without the warm smile.
-Right you are, your TV is the only one in the shop that the wall mount base doesn’t fit or it does but you can’t use the SCART input!
-I thought it is ISO, I replied!
-Yes, the manufacturer is aware of the issue, it appear only on the 32'' not on the 37'' and over!
-So what should we do, I replied?
-You can either return the base or chose another TV!
-But I need a wall mounted TV, so I need the base, I replied.
-Than you will need to choose another TV.

As bad as it felt, I was left with no option but go for another TV.
I stayed silent few minutes, half my heart telling me drop all the idea, return both TV and base and wait for next Christmas, half my heart excited by the thought of my daughter happiness, so I look to my watch and decided, if I take immediate action, I can still have time to get it ready before her return.

Now that time was pressing and I felt lost between all those TV everywhere, the easiest option was to go for the same TV but on 37''.

That is another few hundreds Euro!
-I asked, if I can take the new TV and he send someone to pick up the old, but as expected that was not possible.

Back to my car, racing against time, arrived home, loaded the new and now ''old TV'' into my car and again on the road to the shop to get the all new!

Anyway, arrived to the shop, took the old cox and went in asking where I should deliver.
Upstairs Sir, a young lady replied, I took the TV all annoyed and exhausted into the stairs running to deliver.

Likely it just took few minutes for the return and exchange and I was kindly invoiced the difference of the new one!
Loaded again into my car, I took the road back again for home with an eye on the watch.

As always when you are in a hurry, all lights go red!

Waiting on the red light, thinking now we got a 37'', what a surprise. When I heard first a bang and all my body shaking in the car, feeling like earthquake only to find out that a truck just hit my car from the side.

Looking with shock to the truck, going out of the car to see the truck driver apologizing, asking if I am fine and explaining something went wrong with his brake!

Shocked but physically well, I replied that I am fine, but one look to the car and I knew that all the left back door was half inside the car and another look inside the car, it was obvious that the problem is more serious my new TV was smashed!

Obviously admitting his mistake it made things easier signing the necessary insurance documents while my mind was wondering if my claim for the TV will ever be recovered by the insurance.
Knowing how insurance work here, I have little hope!

An hour later, back home, my daughter is back and I have just an ISO base in my hand!
I mentioned my small car accident and of course spelled no words on the TV, it will have to wait for Christmas!

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