Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Sleep well

It is amazing that we seem to never give enough attention to an important part of our lives.

In fact, many times when I think how did I get through hard time of my life and all difficulties and trouble that I have been through, I realize that big part of my happiness is thanks to a good nights sleep.

Yes, sleeping! In fact, on average and sure for me, sleeping is 1/3 of our life, amazingly we spend at least a third of our life in bed  and it is sad to think that some due to life pressure they see this third as lets rest a little to continue, continue in what? waste the pleasant third of life to quickly go into the less pleasant time!
Well, I see it, we should get finish with the 2 third to finally go enjoy the pleasant third in bed!
Others with worries, thoughts, or the unfortunate with health issues that can less enjoy a good night sleep with often a bonus of a sweet dream.

Personally, I care much less on the comfort of the pillow or the mattress. Do not misunderstand me, I do not argue there importance and for sure dont mind there comfort, but in reality all it matter for me is peace of mind, this is what is really needed for a good sleep.

I enjoy sleep in train, bus, car, aircraft, at airport, in front of a boring football or movie....my best friend once told me, the only way to keep me awake while using a mean of transport is while ridding a bike!

One of my best sleep, was with a colleague after a long travel to an exhibition, a long day walking around and lot of talk finally come to an end, we both being really exhausted but he seems to be indefatigable, so when I thought it is time to go for rest, he proposed we enter a seminar at the exhibition conference hall.

Being polite and not wanting to make him read my mind, I did agree, though neither I found the subject interesting nor I had the mind to follow.
Life of course punished him and conference was in French and as he was not a Francophone I almost fell on the floor laughing in my mind.

Well, we were really very lucky that we did not get shoot or expelled, we both felt in deep sleep and I sure can claim it was one of the most pleasant sleep, wish I do more of seminar sleeping!

All in all, do good to people, try to never hurt anyone, forget, forgive and always have positive thought it is a guaranteed ticket for a good night sleep, ticket for spending one third of your life happy and probably far better than many whom you think that they do have what you always wanted, you beat them in this third, hell you even beat Bill Gate and Warren Buffet!

If you have not yet fell asleep from my boring words, I guess it is time for me for a good bed time, see you soon.

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