Tuesday, 6 June 2017


Clear war drums...

Wahabi's finance, Azhar ideology against the Muslim brotherhood head in Turkey, financed by Qatar and supported by the Mullahs, the historical enemy of the Arab/Persian gulf....

Who finance the terror?

They both do!

They simply over all there history can not tolerate any different ideology or lifestyle or believes or even clothes!
When Cohen and Levi lived here, they were there enemies, when they left, they looked for Paul and Jean, when they kicked them out, they turned to Michael and Samuel!

Wherever they could not find Levi or Paul, they turned against Shia...sadly, even where they could not find shia they eated themselves....this is there doctrine, the heart of there existence and believes.

The drums sound in Qatar now as it did in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and all the ME but the politics is played in the States between Trump who for some reason voted for Wahabis against the old guard of Obamas and Clintons supporting the MB.

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